Shift Out Loud with Tracy Spears

Trading Places with Wally Schmader

January 10, 2023 Tracy Spears / Wally Schmader Season 1 Episode 22
Shift Out Loud with Tracy Spears
Trading Places with Wally Schmader
Show Notes

The guest for this episode of Shift Out Loud is… me, Tracy Spears. 

Due to audience demand, this episode is flipping the script a little bit — my Exceptional Leaders Lab partner, co-author, and long-time friend Wally Schmader is stepping up as my guest host and putting me in the hot seat to talk about my own big shifts, and how I’ve learned to think and play bigger throughout my life.

If you’ve ever wondered why I shifted away from softball or why I chose to remain in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you won’t want to miss this episode!


During our discussion, we dive deep into the finer points of goal-setting, the complementary traits that have made our partnership so successful, which of my shifts I’d like the opportunity to re-do, and the monumental shift that fully cemented our incredible friendship.

Listen now to discover: 

  • The childhood conversation that first lit my motivational fuse (and how I keep it burning)
  • The limiting beliefs that can hold people back from playing bigger and the top source of decision regret
  • Where I see myself in 30 years — and the #1 piece of advice that Future Tracy would share


Guest host bio: Wally Schmader is a highly sought-after leadership coach, thought leader, trainer, and facilitator based in Norfolk, Virginia. He‘s developed programs and content that have influenced thousands of leaders worldwide. Wally’s innovative strategies, ideas, and recommendations have been featured in dozens of publications and media outlets. He‘s coached and advised hundreds of top executives. 


01:36  Intro

03:07  My motivational fuse

06:54  Why Tulsa?

08:52  Keeping things in flux

09:49  Sensitivity & big feelings

13:43  Shift re-dos

16:12  What holds people back

18:00  Goal-setting & decision-making

23:08  Looking into the future

27:49  Mutual appreciation 

29:51  Coming out


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