Shift Out Loud with Tracy Spears

Shifting With Intention with Rick Hust

October 18, 2022 Tracy Spears / Rick Hust Season 1 Episode 10
Shift Out Loud with Tracy Spears
Shifting With Intention with Rick Hust
Show Notes

Not all shifts are created equal! Shifting with intention requires you to be strategic about what you truly want in your life — even if it takes you off the beaten path.

In this episode of Shift Out Loud, I sit down with executive coach Rick Hust, an old friend who happens to be one of my biggest inspirations. After a successful 32-year career developing high-performance sales team, Rick left his job as a sales executive and launched his executive coaching firm. Now, he helps people discover their true potential and uncover their most joyful path through leadership development, top performance strategies, coaching, and Biblical counseling.

Our conversation addresses the importance of prioritizing happiness when choosing your professional path, why the traditional career ladder is an increasingly outdated concept, and how Rick bucked expectations and decided to play big through following his passion.

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover: 

  • How a major shift at the age of 9 set the tone for Rick’s life and has influenced the way that he continues to positively impact those around him
  • Why he was happy to step down as a Vice President and step back into a Regional Manager role 
  • The spiritual shift that helps him make sense of the world around him and let go of stress


Guest bio: Rick Hust is a former sales executive who specialized in developing high-performing sales teams. He left the corporate world after 32 years and now uses his talents in his executive coaching firm. Rick’s true passion is to help shepherd people through the truths of the Bible in such a way that they can live a better life, excel in their endeavors, have a godly influence on their family and friends, and have an impact on their community and the world.


01:37  Intro

02:50  Meet Rick Hust

05:21  The first shift

09:18  Rick’s vision & Mercedes story

13:28  Sight v. vision

14:51  The Mother’s Day shift

18:16  Lillian Russell

22:11  32 years of success

25:36  Follow your joy

28:25  What brings Rick joy

31:00  Vacation of a lifetime

31:52  Shift to Christianity


Rick Hust 

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