Shift Out Loud with Tracy Spears

Surviving Unexpected Shifts with Lisa Riley

September 27, 2022 Tracy Spears / Lisa Riley Season 1 Episode 7
Shift Out Loud with Tracy Spears
Surviving Unexpected Shifts with Lisa Riley
Show Notes

Making a shift on your own terms in order to play bigger is challenging enough. But what happens when your successful shift is followed by an unexpected game changer?

Lisa Riley’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to leave the corporate oil and gas industry and enter the paint and sip business, becoming the owner of a Pinot’s Palette franchise in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since taking the leap, Lisa has expanded to four franchises and celebrated her 10-year anniversary of being in business for herself… and she also received a surprise cancer diagnosis while undergoing a preventative mastectomy.

During our conversation, we talk about Lisa’s incredible cancer survival story, her entrepreneurial journey, and how she managed to increase her revenue while undergoing treatment.

Listen now to discover: 

  • The biggest challenges and successes Lisa has experienced through her shift to entrepreneurship
  • The biggest mistake that Lisa made while hiring — and the valuable insight it taught her
  • The humbling lesson Lisa learned when she needed to step back during her cancer treatment

Lisa Riley is the owner of 4 Pinot’s Palette franchises in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  Before that, she worked for the QuikTrip Corporation and finished out her corporate oil and gas career at ConocoPhillips. She is a cancer survivor, a mom, a wife and loves living life to the fullest! She has won Women in Business Champion for the City of Tulsa, Small Businessperson of the Year for Broken Arrow and Tulsa, International Franchisee of the Year, and United States Small Business Association Business Person of the Year.


01:48  Intro

02:55  Meet Lisa Riley

05:18  Lisa’s big shifts

08:32  The franchise shift

12:02  Being open to new opportunities

13:25  Saying “no” & delegating

19:12  Biggest challenges & hiring mistakes

24:37  Leading as an empath

26:23  Surviving cancer & stepping back

33:41  Preventative care & check-ups

35:25  Essential service

41:59  Food styling

45:35  Lisa’s next shifts


Lisa Riley

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